Multiple Argument Functions

Dave Cheyney, Wizard extraordinaire posted a challenge on clarity for multi-argument functions. It got me thinking and whilst trying to consume a sawdust and milk breakfast arrangement, I let my brain chew on the post. An excerpt from Mr Cheyney’s original post is below.

XML Unmarshal and XPath

Battling with data structures is a normal daily task and figuring out the best way manipulate XML isn’t just a case of writing something that works and walking away declaring job done. I’m currently working on a piece of software that is extensible and each designer will know ahead of time what the structure of the data is and a driver/client will go and retrieve said XML. To help these engineers that may extend the software, my desire is to create a re-usable pattern and not leave it to chance.

gops & InfluxDB

What can I say, I’m paranoid about reliability and things working how they were designed to.

Memory leaks, CPU spikes and race conditions upset me so I try my absolute best to know what my code is doing, when it should do it and how it should recover. In reaction to seeing increased memory usage as an example, I want to know what is going on and how to solve it.

goFAL - File Abstraction in Go

When writing scripts that create or manipulate file and directories, it’s all too easy to get lost using chmod and chdir operating system directives. Move here, do that, change this, write that. Bah. Unless you track very carefully what directory your script is working in, it’s all too easy to get lost. There is always an easier way.

Ghost2logger Design - Part One

Ghost2logger: Design Thinking

It’s funny how you never hear “That was easy!” after a person or a team have finished creating a piece of software. Creating software presents many technical and personal challenges. Invariably, even before a design is drafted, decisions in your mind’s eye are made on architecture, frameworks and patterns to take advantage of specific programming languages or personal styles.

Golang magic, package level vars, init, Init and global state


This article is a re-focussed re-write on the matters at hand. This article was triggered by Peter Bourgon’s posting of this I hopped on the bandwagon pretty quick to explore the subject matter but failed in round one to come up with something 100% concrete, so dry docked the article to work on it. Welcome to version 2.0.

Fun with Iota

A super short word on Iota with Golang.

Sometime back I was creating a UDP application that presented a basic JSON-API. This application was split in to multiple packages and I needed to use consistent JSON operation verb codes in each.