Ghost2logger Design - Part One

Ghost2logger: Design Thinking

It’s funny how you never hear “That was easy!” after a person or a team have finished creating a piece of software. Creating software presents many technical and personal challenges. Invariably, even before a design is drafted, decisions in your mind’s eye are made on architecture, frameworks and patterns to take advantage of specific programming languages or personal styles.

Golang magic, package level vars, init, Init and global state


This article is a re-focussed re-write on the matters at hand. This article was triggered by Peter Bourgon’s posting of this I hopped on the bandwagon pretty quick to explore the subject matter but failed in round one to come up with something 100% concrete, so dry docked the article to work on it. Welcome to version 2.0.

Fun with Iota

A super short word on Iota with Golang.

Sometime back I was creating a UDP application that presented a basic JSON-API. This application was split in to multiple packages and I needed to use consistent JSON operation verb codes in each.